Location: Texas

Client: Confidential

July 21, 2015


Completion:  August 2014

Project Description:

Frac sand facilities are scattered throughout south Texas, both new and old.  This particular site was an older frac sand terminal that was recently purchased by a new company and given a “makeover”.  Part of this “makeover” was the addition of a truck dump station that would allow the client to dump sand out of trucks to be loaded into bolted silos for storage and redistribution.  Redpoint’s portion of this work was the “truck unload building”.

The purpose of this truck unload building was to relieve the site employees of the brutal south Texas sun, and to keep the unloading process dry on rainy days.  Because of the adjacent belt conveyors and the raised elevation of the unload area, Redpoint proposed the unload building be built sitting on (10) 3’ tall concrete piers.

Redpoint was responsible for the engineering, fabrication detailing, material procurement/supply, and installation.  From concept the closeout, Redpoint executed to meet the client needs.

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