Location: Missouri

Client: Confidential

October 28, 2015

Completion:  August 2015

Project Description:

Oftentimes, storage silos include a truck drive through arrangement.  This allows the customer the ability to install truck scales below the silo, gravity feeding directly from the silo hopper into the truck and minimizing loading times.  The client wanted to enclose the drive-thru area between the bolted storage silos in order to add additional protection for the equipment and employees.  Redpoint was able to engineer, detail, procure, and install weatherproof “doghouse” enclosures to meet the client’s needs.  Redpoint coordinated details for the enclosure with the silo manufacturer to seamlessly integrate with the silo steel.

The Redpoint installation crew worked from dusk till dawn in order to meet the desired completion date, coordinating the work efforts around both the silo installers and the client’s electricians in order to complete the project on time.

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