Location: Illinois

Client: Confidential

February 11, 2015

Completion:  February 2015

Description of project:

Redpoint led the project management and engineering efforts for a three silo addition to a coal fired power plant sulfur mitigation system. The project adds three, 142’ tall welded silos with multi-level platforms for equipment access and system operation to an existing set of three silos. The interiors of these silos contain multiple levels to house the required equipment for system operation.

Coal plants face many challenges with lowering emissions of sulfur and other contaminants. To that end, Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) systems are used to reduce emissions and upgrade existing coal power plants to meet EPA air quality mandates. These silos store trona, a common sorbent used in emissions reduction.

Redpoint handled the project management and engineering coordination on this project. Many components had to be resolved with the silo design on this project, including the piping, platforming and equipment interfaces. Also, unique on these silos is the use of strakes, the horizontal spirals at the upper most part of the silos. These act to resolve wind loading aspects on extremely tall narrow silos.


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