Location: Nebraska

Client: Confidential

April 5, 2015


Completion:  April 2015

Project Description:

Today, nearly 1/3 of the energy created in the United States is derived from coal burning power plants.  Ever since pollutants were found in the emissions of fossil fuel driven plants, air quality has become an economic and environmental concern.  Through regulations regarding allowable emission levels, power producers have taken steps to improve efficiency of their scrubber systems to improve the rate of contaminant removal.

This project consisted of an expansion to this power plant’s existing fly ash handling capabilities.  The plant burns Powder River Basin (PRB) coal and the resultant fly ash must be captured.  The storage silo adds 600 tons of capacity to the plants system.  The silo has a unique “penthouse” in the uppermost portion of the silo that houses a filter separator and allows maintenance personnel to maintain this equipment without being outside.  The storage silo incorporates fluidizing in the hopper and can load dry fly ash directly to trucks or can process the fly ash through a conditioning mixer prior to filling a truck.  The silo includes elevated concrete floors for both the penthouse and the equipment support level in the skirt.

Redpoint was responsible for project management for the tank supply.  In addition, Redpoint produced general arrangement drawings for the elevated slabs and developed the details for the interface of the slabs with the bolted silo.  Understanding why the customer needed the concrete floors and how they would install them directly influenced Redpoint’s approach to these critical details.  This the type of project understanding Redpoint brings to the table.

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