Location: Louisiana

Client: Confidential

June 18, 2015


Completion:  June 2015

Project Description:

Coordination of equipment and components has always been a strong point of Redpoint’s offered services, and this project gave us a chance to showcase some of these capabilities.

The project consisted (6) 18’ x 38’ bolted silos supported by 40’ tall steel structures.  The structures were equipped with drive-thru openings for truck loading, and personnel platforms at 23’ elevation for ease of operation and maintenance.

Redpoint was responsible for complete project management of all phases of the work, including engineering coordination, procurement, fabrication, and installation of both the silos and supporting structures.  In addition to this, Redpoint also generated general arrangement drawings to show the interface of the structures and silos as a whole.  This was a key element in ensuring the components functioned as a cohesive unit.

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