Redpoint’s main objective is to solve project and client needs through efficiently engineered systems and components, expert project and construction management, and scalability from concept to closeout. Since Redpoint began in 2006, we have stayed true to that goal. From a project and construction management stand-point, although our main focus has been industrial market, we also have experience in both the residential and commercial markets. Within the industrial market, we have extensive expertise in the power, municipal and oil/gas markets. Redpoint is capable of efficiently managing projects of all sizes. Whether simply managing a specific portion of a project, or providing complete turnkey project management, we take pride in successful planning and coordination of every project from cradle to grave.

At Redpoint, each of our project managers is involved in office duties as well as field duties on a regular basis. This approach is by design, and aimed at improving our versatility and performance while eliminating a stove pipe culture prevalent in many industries. Each of our project managers is trained to focus on the big picture of each project with an emphasis on cost, scope, and schedule. Within our organization, we use our entire tight-knit group to maximize attention to detail, to challenge our individual assumptions and biases and to make efficient, value added decisions.

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