Although Redpoint can function in many roles within a project, Redpoint Builders offers the ability to perform as a design/build contractor. In this manner, customers are given the ability to use our strengths to their advantage. The design/build method for project delivery enables Redpoint and the customer to operate quickly and efficiently by streamlining communication and project flow, from start to finish, through a single point of contact. By minimizing the number of parties involved, Design/Build contracts are able to reach project completion milestones more efficiently in such time critical environments. Design/Build contracts are increasingly utilized in industrial markets, where timely delivery of the project is critical to a facility’s overall operating environment.

Redpoint has an extensive knowledge base required to perform in fast pace, high stress environments. As a design/build contractor, Redpoint operates to effectively control the process of a project and adapt to changing demands. Although completion timelines are often a primary driving force, Redpoint also works to understand the specific details of design decisions and analyze their impacts on project outcomes, efficiently communicating these issues to appropriate decision makers and driving any challenges to immediate resolution.

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