Redpoint can assist with equipment procurement in multiple capacities. Redpoint has helped clients with all stages of this process, from selecting vendors and components, to facilitating competitive bidding, and through final equipment installation, startup and training. Our hands-on approach allows us to customize our services according to the needs of the individual client.
When determining the equipment to purchase, Redpoint will first determine the goals of the project. This task not only includes the easily definable system and material variables, but also the customer’s expectations. Redpoint participates actively to make sure that not only will the project be completed, but that the customer will be satisfied with final system components. We take care in eliciting feedback from day to day operators, to ensure that no key details are omitted.

Once the general equipment requirements are established, Redpoint seeks competitive bids for components, and then breaks those bids down into the options being offered to develop the best equipment package for the customer. This is our approach regardless of if we are supplying a single isolation gate or a complete conveying and storage system. The goal is to provide the system and components that meet the customer’s needs.

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