From concept sketches to complete installation and fabrication drawings, Redpoint offers detailing and design services for projects of all sizes. Our goal is to provide our clients with accurate drawings and calculations to successfully complete any project. We work collaboratively with project managers and subcontractors to ensure we provide the right solution for each project. We hold 8 state PE stamps in-house and have an established network of experienced engineers to cover additional states. We also actively assist with the permitting and licensing processes as required.

We have experience in bolted, field welded and shop welded silos along with large structures and metal buildings. Although our range of services offered is broad, our specialty is custom retrofit projects. We have provided platforming, railing, ladders, spiral stairs for almost every industry and are well acquainted with the codes and specifications associated with each. We have also provided custom structures, PI&D, equipment and system layouts, and process flow diagrams.

Our engineering services are not just limited to the design side; we also work directly with clients and subcontractors with our onsite construction services. This ‘boots on the ground’ approach improves our designs as we overcome project specific challenges in the industrial construction industry. Our onsite presence allows us to identify potential design improvements, ranging from very specific component interfaces or entire system layouts. Our approach ensures we fully understand the problem from ‘paper to steel’ and helps us maintain our goal of always approaching problems from a new perspective, striving to ensure we’ve developed the right system for the task.

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