• Enlight100

    Geramey Murray

    Owner and President of C&M

    Geramey served in the United States Air Force for 8 years in the Security Forces career field eventually moving to Belgium to work for NATO as an International Police Officer.  Completing his tour, he returned home and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  Capitalizing on his unique skill set and management style, Geramey took the reins of C&M and catapulted it into one of the best liquid and dry storage tank installers on the globe.  Understanding team dynamics coupled with an ability to safely complete the mission has been critical to his success.

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    Although mission success is important, perhaps Geramey’s greatest accomplishment has been his children and certainly his greatest asset has been his wife of 17 years.  Their  journey started in Belgium and has yet to end.   Cathy Murray plays perhaps the most import role by eloquently juggling the work/family balance.  Cathy operates all facets of the business behind the curtain and rarely receives the credit she deserves.

    Both Geramey and Cathy understand that success only comes by surrounding yourself with extraordinary people. From our field employees to Team Red Point, a recipe has been created that is unequalled in our field.

  • Ryan Butler, PE

    Owner and President of Redpoint/Project Manager/Engineer

    Ryan earned his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from the University of Kansas in 2000, and subsequently became a licensed Professional Engineer in 2005. His career began as a design engineer in the industrial and power sectors, covering a range of disciplines from designing the structural supports on a boilerhouse retrofit project to programming a power plant facility expansion. That holistic design experience, along with the ability to see the project as a whole rather than just individual parts, led him to focus on Project and Construction Management while still maintaining the engineering capabilities.

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    In 2006, Ryan began Redpoint LLC to offer clients superior project and construction management services, and efficient engineered systems and solutions. The Redpoint “team” is more than just the Redpoint employee–it is the client, the owner, and the project needs (cost, scope and schedule). Ryan’s experience covers all project stages from conceptual design and estimating, through commissioning and closeout. He has successfully executed power and industrial projects across the US and worldwide, and focused on material handling and storage solutions. Redpoint Builders LLC was also developed in 2011 to provide design-build construction services, and material and equipment procurement.

    Work-life balance is an important value for Ryan and the Redpoint team. Ryan and his wife Dione actively involved in their three children’s experiences, while trying to find a little time here and there for each other and themselves. Amid wakeboarding, soccer, wakesurfing, camping, swimming, bowling, fishing, cooking, basketball and the occasional tea party with their 7 year old daughter, Ryan and Dione look to pass along the ideals of do your best, try hard(er), be kind, and live in the moment.

  • Bryce-Butler

    Bryce Butler

    Project Manager

    Bryce graduated from Pittsburg State University in 2007 with a BS in Construction Management.  After graduation, Bryce began working for Redpoint, jumping right into being the lead PM on numerous industrial storage projects in both the power and general industry segments.  During his career with Redpoint, the diverse scope of projects and customers has given him a unique perspective needed to see tasks from multiple viewpoints and approach them in a manner of efficiency and effectiveness.

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    Bryce has spent a great deal of time in the field during his time with Redpoint.  He has worked alongside installation crews to understand their processes, overseen quality control inspections and repairs,  and assisted in project startups and system training.  This diverse project involvement has helped Bryce become an asset to both clients, vendors, and subcontractors alike as he has an understanding of how the different elements of the project fit together from hand’s on experience.

    When not working, Bryce tends to spend time outdoors with his wife, Terra, and their two dogs.  Just a few of his current hobbies include hiking, snow skiing, mountain biking, wake sports, rock climbing, SCUBA, home-brewing, and building a cedar strip kayak (only 7 years in so far…).

  • Isaac

    Isaac Brewer

    Project Manager

    Isaac earned his BA from Pittsburg State in 1997, MS from Oregon State in 1999 and completed his Ph.D. at Penn State in 2005.  At the core of his world view is the geographer’s focus on multiple scales of analysis, e.g. local, regional and global.  Dr. Brewer has taught at OSU, the University of Hawaii and Penn State University and held research fellowships with the EPA, PNNL, and the DCI program.  As a research faculty at Penn State, Isaac served as project investigator and lead systems engineer on government and industry projects in intelligence analysis, emergency management, geographic information science and cybersecurity.

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    Isaac’s research methodology focused on system design with humans-in-the-loop.  This approach directly translated to the design of collaborative process control and material handling systems with Redpoint.  Isaac joined Redpoint as an independent project management and system consultant, drawn to the president’s philosophy of a ‘hands on’ approach to project execution, ‘boots-on-the-ground’ operational work, and critical thinking in solution execution.

    Too often, well intended system designers focus on designing solutions without fully understanding the end user’s needs.  In these cases, they do not pause to ask whether they are designing the wrong system.  Simply put, the outcome is the difference between designing a great system and designing the correct solution.  This approach, paired with multi-scale analyses are attributes Isaac brings to the Redpoint team.

    Isaac’s personal life mirrors his approach to working – always seeking those moments of pause, or as he states, to ‘freeze time.’   For Isaac, the pauses happen with smooth glass on a slalom, climbing mountains, kayaking rapids, diving wrecks, and perfect chord progressions; but mostly, they happen during quality time with close family and friends.  Isaac and his wife, Penny, love to travel and explore.  Following the philosophy that the shortest distance between two points is no fun, they always endeavor to take a new route when traveling in an effort to see local out of the way spots on their way to visiting all of the national parks and counties of the United States (the counties is only Isaac’s pursuit – but he drags her along for the fun). 

  • Aaron Arb

    Project Manager

    Aaron earned his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Pittsburg State University in 2013.  Throughout his years in college, he held two internships, first with Tank Connection and then Redpoint for his final summer internship in 2012.  After college Aaron joined the Redpoint team full-time and dove into the diverse services Redpoint has to offer.

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    Since joining the Redpoint team, Aaron has been exposed to a number of different responsibilities including estimating, project management, quality management, site supervision, and safety coordination.  Aaron strives to develop and maintain strong client relationships and looks towards Redpoint’s future.

    Outside of work, if the sun is shining, Aaron would rather be on the lake enjoying a long list of water activities.  In the winter months, Aaron spends time outside of work watching football, snow skiing, and traveling back to his home state of Kansas to hunt whitetail deer.