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  • Construction • Domestic • Installation • Logistic • Project Management

    Thickener Tank and Equipment Installation

    Completion:  January 2019 Project Description: The customer needed installation of a thickener tank, a water tank, and the...

  • Design • Domestic • Engineering • Project Management

    Wastewater Storage Tank

    Completion:  December 2015 Project Description: Alternative generation and capture are growing components in the industrial...

  • Design • Domestic • Engineering • Installation • Project Management • Supply

    Silo Drive Through Enclosure

    Completion:  August 2015 Project Description: Oftentimes, storage silos include a truck drive through arrangement.  This allows...

  • Construction • Design • Domestic • Engineering • Installation • Project Management • Supply

    Railcar Awning

    Completion:  November 2014 Project Description: Controlling moisture in sand storage and handling systems is critical to...

Redpoint noun | verb |

red·point | ˈred-pȯint
: to execute a project without fail, based upon ability and experience


  • Material Testing

    Material testing at the early stages of a project can avoid major issues later. ...

    November 16, 2015

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